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3 Abbey Road
London NW8 9AY
United Kingdom

  • years of production: 2007- 2015
  • projects finished: 28
  • large scale projects: 9
  • company increase: 3%
  • company members total: 12
  • happy customers: all
  • redesign of space
  • new installations
  • power efficiency improvements
  • affordable self-sustainability
  • increase of residents satisfaction with quality of life
  • always learning and improving
[as_images_slider subtitle_color=”#999999″ anim=”no-hover-anim” images=”2241,2240,2239,2367″ titles=”Leo,Emilia,James,Maya” slider_navig=”yes” slider_pagin=”yes”]Lead developer, master of code and obscure languages

Server administrator, talks to machines

Designer, cook, kind spirit of the office

Support chief, most popular person in our office[/as_images_slider][as_banner title=”Story of us
Without the doubt, our product reflect what our philosophy is – always be the best version if yourself – let the customer get whatever is the best from us and from our products.” title_size=”125%” subtitle=”“do what you love, or fall in love what you do“” align_float=”float_left” text_padding=”1″ text_color=”#222222″ css=”.vc_custom_1454527087094{padding-top: 5rem !important;padding-bottom: 2.5rem !important;}”]We built our little company from the scratch, building projects from ideas drawn on piece of paper to full projects, including case studies, models, 3d simulations and calculations.

Our goals

  • creating spaces with maximum respect to natural balance
  • using latest technology only where necessary
  • go beyond our client requests, always providing elements of surprise
  • assuring slow and natural growth of our company
  • educate clients (if necessary) about the significance of light in our lives
  • building light object for living not displaying


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